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October 3rd, 2012, 08:05 PM
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Who rocks? That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I do. I rock. Hard.

So, I had my day 12 ultrasound. She couldn't find my right ovary (no one ever can... I'm seriously beginning to wonder if i even have one) but my left ovary had a follicle that measured a hefty 22mm.

(I realize a single follicle probably doesn't merit 5 smiley faces but, darn it, I'm feeling good today.)

The doctor who did the scan (another doc I've never seen before) recommended that I go ahead and do the trigger shot. I took another OPK at lunch just in case, and it was completely negative, so I started the long process of getting my ovidrel prescription filled. (They didn't have it at my pharmacy, so I had to track it down at a different CVS, FIND the different CVS, and go pick it up, which involved a half hour wait because they submitted mine to the insurance of a different woman with the same name as me.)

Another win: I was quoted $190, but the shot ended up only costing $100! Win!

So, I got home, had dinner, took my Metformin, and began freaking out at the idea of injecting something into myself (I have a minor needle phobia). I was going to have my husband do it, but I decided at the last minute I wanted to tough it out and do it myself.

So, without too much fuss, I injected myself! I feel like a warrior woman. I ROCK!

So, we do the heck out of the deed tomorrow and the next day (and maybe the next day just for funzies) and then wait around for 2 weeks until the inevitable BFP. Or the crushing defeat. Whichever.
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