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October 3rd, 2012, 11:26 PM
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10/4/12 3rd cycle CD 15-1 TTC Natural#2

2 months til l turn 32.
Dh and dd are both sleeping (as I should be)
3 days til Jakaira turns 4 months old.
I am remembering that I said in earlier posts that I wanted to read
ttc & pregnancy journals of people who were trying for #2,
pregnant with #2 and then successfully gave birth to #2...its still in my list
of to dos but have not had time. Just like coming up with 3 baby girl names
is still in my to do.
Organizing and light cleaning is in my to do today...
waiting to hear back from my friend (from last week)
to see if she wants to come Friday to hang out with me
and meet Jakaira for the first time.
So I was talking to dh last night and I said wow...
our dd still has blonde hair, blue eyes and light skin...
and some people say that changes once a baby reaches
4 now the next mile stone is to see how much
she has changed by her 1 year old bday. we have awhile til
that date. I asked a guy friend (that was visiting over my moms
for a short time) over the phone... (he is my facebook friend)
did he see pictures of my daughter on facebook...he said yeah
that she looks like dh......anyway thinking about how fun its going to be
if I am able to get a preg test and poas before af is expected....
(to get the poas out of my system for this month)


Oct 7-Jakaira is 4 months!!!!!
Oct 9-Niece Tamara is 6 months!!!
Oct 13- A year ago I conceived Jakaira.
Oct 16th-is the soonest that pregnology saids I could take a preg test
Oct 18-next af is due
Oct 24th- a year ago this date I found out th
at I was preg

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