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October 4th, 2012, 09:17 PM
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The miscarriage began on Aug 14 and lasted several days. It was only a day or 2 after the spotting from the m/c finally stopped when I started to get wet cm. I had about 2 weeks of fertile mucus and wet sensations and then I *think* I had a temp rise. It was hard to tell because my temps during the bleeding/miscarriage were still fairly high pregnancy range (for me), then went down somewhat and were a little wacky, then back up again (so it seems). I'm not 100% sure I ovulated, though. It wasn't totally clear because I kept getting temps too early or too late because of sleep disturbances so I had like 4 discarded temps.

The one thing that made me think it was possible I didn't actually ovulate (but was really close to it) is that my cervix didn't close up AS fast as usual afterward. Usually it closes up clearly within 1 day. Like if I ovulate Wed morning (sometimes I actually feel like I have a sore uterus - weird, I know), then by the evening it will still be high but more closed and I say "hmm," then the next afternoon it will be clearly closed and firm and I say "yep!" lol This did take longer than that, though it definitely came down. I don't know if it was firm and closed the whole time, though, because I didn't continue to check daily after the cm dried up. I assumed I ovulated and my temps DID stay in the "higher range"... I'm just not 100% there was a shift. FF didn't put crosshairs until I changed a couple temps by a tenth of a degree (I moved it one space up if I took the temp early and one space down if I took the temp late). But now I don't know where they originally were. LOL If I "adjusted" those temps it would put on the crosshairs, and if I left them discarded, it didn't say I ovulated.

Everything about my last "cycle" was a bit more gradual than usual. The fertile cm was around for a long time, then the cervix took longer to shift from high and open to closed, then when I got my period (if it was that and not withdrawl bleeding), it started with some very very light spotting and was fairly light overall and then took a couple days to fade away with more spotting. It was a normal length, though.

ANYWAY, I suppose it doesn't *really* matter... I'm just using the NFP STM rules where you count 4 days of no cm or spotting in order to resume relations.

But it would be nice to know. I wonder if it makes it more likely that that "cycle" was actually anovulatory since I'm now having this light spotting? (This is the 3rd day.)

If you finished reading this, do you have a headache yet? lol

And an interesting sidenote: I have been having crazy hotflashes lately!! Especially when I get really tired during the day. I thought maybe it was due to estrogen dropping for some reason because that's why perimenopausal women get them, right? I don't know why estrogen would be dropping for me, but I often get them after birth (and I mean even months after, if I remember right). I don't know if I'm the only weirdo who gets them, but it's mighty uncomfortable. I started taking magnesium because I read it could help. I'm still getting them some, but they are more mild and less frequent. What the??

Ok enough crazy talk.
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