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October 4th, 2012, 10:30 PM
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Leo reads to me everyday as part of his LA. It's usually just a short story or something.

Sometimes for LA the girls will read a chapter or two of a book out loud, and all three have to answer questions about it. It works out really well, especially when attention spans are at grain of rice level(hey, we all have our days, lol). Sometimes they listen better when I'm not the one teaching.

Together we're reading Where the Sidewalk ends, right now(we've already read it, we're doing it again, and we read out loud). Not a storybook, but it's an awesome tool for LA. That and Dr Seuss books that use nonsensical words. It gets the reader thinking

I don't usually read to them anymore, but all three of them read a lot. I really prefer having them read. I know I understand the words/story/whatever is being read, what I need to know is whether or not they do. So I think it's more important(once they can read) to have them perform that task. Before they could read I read to them all the time, though.
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