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October 5th, 2012, 08:04 AM
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I am not sure if you know about my labour experience or not, because I joined this forum after the babies were born.

I was literally in labour for 3 days. I went in for induction on Thursday AM and Avery was born on Saturday afternoon via c-section.

I had wanted a natural birth, so I opted out of drugs until the very last minute. By Saturday afternoon I was a 8 but Avery's head would not engage. She was not in the right position and her head was pinching my bladder closed- I could not empty it. Every contraction was squeezing my full bladder, but no matter what I could not go. It was HORRIBLE, seriously so much worse than the contractions.

Finally, when they told me I needed a c-section, because I was in so much pain and screaming/flailing etc they gave me a shot of morphine so that they could get the epi in and get my prepped for surgery.

Long story short- I found it VERY effective.

They might have just given me a huge dose though, not sure.

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