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October 5th, 2012, 01:47 PM
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I have spans of time where I like to be out a lot with the kids and other spans of time where I get into a 'dig in' kind of mode and just want to be home working on things around the house/yard. I'd say we're somewhere in the middle.
During the week DH works and we only have one car-which he has until evening time. So spring through autumn I am out often with the kids around town because we live within easy walking distance of parks, library, shops, go fishing or hiking etc etc .

But larger outings are usually restricted to the weekend when DH and the car are available and we often go to visit family who is out of town after church on sunday and spend the day.
We have local friends who we get together with for play dates from time to time but definitely inside and at home a lot more during the winter. During the winter months it's hard to get out with the little ones very far without a car-but we still do go regularly to the library because its very close and easy to go even in lots of snow and they have lot of activities I can take the kids to there.
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