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October 5th, 2012, 02:04 PM
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What was your favorite book or story growing up? When I was too young to read I remember my mom reading to us kids all the time and loving storytime. The favorite book in the house was a collection of short stories and children poems. To this day I have dozens of them still memorized. Haha! I was read to a lot growing up, I remember loving beatrix potter books. Once I got to reading more on my own I remembering loving the Little House on the Prairie books, American Girls books and Anne of Green Gables books. But the ones that stood out to me were the Girl of the Limberlost, Freckles and George Macdonald fantasty books, then I adored the Chronicles of Narnia and once I was a little older I read The Hobbit I began devouring the Lord of the Rings trilogy by the time I was 12.
Do you read to your children?
Since they were still in the womb and haven't slowed down since then. I've read every day to them since they before they were born and even though DD is starting to read on her own, I still read out loud daily to them.
Do they have any favorites?
Their favorites change as they grow. When DD was a toddler I read " The bear snores on " so many times to her I could have her on my lap- lean back and relax a bit -close my eyes and flip the pages while reciting the words.
That and "Cowboy Small" are the memorable ones.
My son on the other hand had his obsession with "Goodnight Moon" For way too long. One they got a bit older , Dr. Suess used to be all the rage, then disney golden books, now it's superhero beginner reading books- DD likes them because she can read them almost without any assistance and DS likes them because his big sister likes them and he's at that age where he has to do everything she does.
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