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October 5th, 2012, 04:52 PM
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Every day seems a little different but there is a loose routine hidden underneath it all. Haha!

Kids are up by 7 or if I'm lucky 8.
Breakfast is by 9, if I could get them to eat right away-I would but Im lucky if they will eat in the morning at all.

Some days we rise early and pack a lunch and spend the whole day at the beautiful park nearby and meet my hubby outside his workplace for lunch before heading home but now it's getting too chilly to be out all day.

School is throughout the day but we are often at the Library after 10.
They spend a lot of time outside during their free time.
Otherwise I generally have chores to get done around the house and yard while they are out playing but I will often join them in play for a bit.

After Lunch is usually reading aloud time unless something else is going on that day.
This is usually a half hour and afterwords the kids each have 'quiet time'.
They each play quietly in the rooms independently.
This break in the day is usually spent with me tidying up, If things are caught up though I can sit and have a coffee and go online, knit or read a bit.
This is my breather in the middle of the day and I am a much calmer, better mommy for having an hour or so break in the middle of the day-even with the occasional interruption like potty assistance or the drama of a lost or injured toy.

Once they are set loose they usually run outside or want to play games with me. We might have a snack if they are feeling hungry or have been especially active. More school is generally done during this second half of the day but
once DH is home around 5 he has time playing games with them and I get whatever else needs to be done around the house and get dinner ready for 6.
If it's a grocery day though we all go out to get groceries and might bring take out dinner home for a treat with a movie.

Family time after dinner unless its a bath night- and the kids are tucked in by 8.
DH and I might watch a show after the kids are in bed but I generally spend the evening at my art desk working and we both go to bed usually around 10 though I generally stay up longer unless I plan on waking up early with DH.(he wakes up at 5am to leave for work and sometimes I get up to prep for the day, read the bible or work more at my desk.

Weekends are dedicated for field trips and most Sundays we drive out of town to see my parents, go to church together and spend the rest of the day there with family or friends from church. We are usually home before dark on sundays just enough time to get ready for bed and start a new week all over again!

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