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October 6th, 2012, 04:33 PM
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As I have stated alot on our forum, every birth is different, what you may have stressed over and over and over for a birth plan can go out the window in seconds

This starts this past sunday when we went to the hospital and i posted about the AWFUL nurse ....we really should've delivered that day, had she actually been paying attention to his heartrate and contractions instead of being so worried about the EPO this could have turned out different. Wednesday the 3rd, i started contracting every 5 minutes starting at 530pm by 8 pm that night they were slowing down to 10minutes so i went to bed ...still contracted HARD every 10 minutes, at 145am i woke mike up just to tell him that instead of him going to work that morning i thought it would be best if he checked me into the hospital bc i had been contracting for that long, he asked if this was it did i want to go now, i told him babe give me a min ( going thru a contraction) after it was done i got up to go pee and BAAM the contractions hit me, every minutes i started bawling it was the WORST pain of my life, got dressed told him lets go, got to he hospital at 3am ( had to drop my daughter off)got on the monitor, got checked i was at a full 3 baby was engaged, she told me i wasnt leaving on her shift just by how low he was and that she would run 20 minutes of strip and then call to see if i could get admitted, she came back 3 minutes later and said there was something wrong, she wasnt understanding why i was having this intense of contractions at only a 3, that every time i would contract he would decel, and then his heartrate would shoot right back up over the baseline that was normal, so on my side i went where the contractions got worse, i was crying so hard, since he was having such bad decels and then to high of accels i couldnt get in the jacuzzi, 530 came and she getting very concerned that his heartrate wasnt flatlining like normal, got a order form the dr to give me some meds to knock out the contractions, that did nothing, his heartrate increased, dr came in at 615am, broke my water to see if that extra push would level everything out, put internal fetal monitors on his head to see what was going on with him, at that time they were concerned bc i had gone up to a 4 but was having full blown labor contractions for a 8-9 centimeters dialation, three strong contractions back to back came, his heartrate went from the 190's and shot down to in the 40's ...she said ok lets go! they rushed me off to a emergency csection, Theron Andrew was born 656am weighing 8lbs 6oz 20 " long, 14" head...cord was wrapped TIGHTLY around his neck!! had to be in the nursery for 4 hours that morning, so i saw him for 15 seconds that morning right when he was born, he had a fever, breathing issues, heartrate still high, that all cleared up and i was able to have him come to my room, he looks nothing like me lol!! he has blonde hair ( my sister is the only person who has blonde hair in the family lol) I am so in love with my SO...he was there every step of the way, calmed my fears held me as i bawled my eyes out during this very scary situation. we are home now, and i told mike, it doesnt matter what type of birth you have or birth plan as long as you have a healthy baby that is all that matters.
I couldnt imagine my life without Theron in of right now he hasnt passed 4 hearing tests at the hospital...we are home now, after 2 days at the hospital
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