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October 6th, 2012, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by mom2more View Post
chicken lady it sounds like you are pretty busy! Do you find your house gets messier because you homeschool? If my kids were all home all day I think my house would be a disaster! lol
Yes and no. Our house does get messier, but DS doesn't fight me as much on picking up after himself like he did when he went to public school. I have no idea why. LOL

Originally Posted by *Kiliki* View Post
we are busy lady's!! LOL i can't believe i totally broke out the military time in my post HAHA!!! is the homeschooling going?? what types of things do you do? how do you break up the day?? do you go to any groups or anything...i know i've heard of some families who get together every so often..once a week or so with the homeschooling kids and just like do field trips or something with them all together...
It's going really well! It is a lot easier than I thought it would be. We're doing math (it's like pre algebra but just called "math"), biology, us history, language arts, sign language, typing, and he's reading the book "The Book Thief". We work in 4 week long sessions, then take a week off. I write out the entire months' worth of lesson plans in my big planner, and I found that he is a pretty independent worker that way. He looks at what he has to do for that day, he gets it done, and asks questions when he needs help. He grades his own work b/c I think they learn better that way (rather than just get a grade back but never learn the correct answer) and keeps track of how long it took him to do each subject, then I just plug the information into the tracker program I found. I grade his biology for him, though, b/c the answers are on my computer rather than in a book.

As for how I break up the day...he picks the order that he does his subjects. He usually starts with history and language arts b/c they are the "easiest", then he does math b/c that takes the longest. Then we have lunch, and after that he does typing, biology, and we end with sign language. He does his reading in the evening while I'm putting his grades and minutes into my computer. Every once in a while he mixes things up, though.

So far, we haven't done anything with the homeschooling groups in the area. The one that is the furthest away (one hour each direction) requires you to participate a certain amount of times per month and I can't commit to that. The other one mostly only does YMCA stuff, and we can't afford a membership. Plus, we only have one working vehicle at the moment, and DH uses it to drive to work. His work is 30 minutes away, one direction, so it isn't worth it to pay for gas for me to drive him to work to use the car during the day and then pick him up again. We live too far out to ask any of them for a ride. DS goes to youth group at church every week, and he has some friends there so he gets socialization that way. He never did make friends at school here last year, so he doesn't miss them.

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