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October 7th, 2012, 08:19 AM
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12 weeks 6 days

Not sure why my ticker says 13 weeks, oh well.

I just realized I haven't updated this since 6ish weeks!!!!
Things did get better with the anxiety, I did start the Zoloft (25mgs) and have increased it since to 37.5 mgs. The baby is doing great, had my NT Scan on Friday and although I haven't gotten my #'s yet, the tech said everything looked "great" which makes me happy.

I'm battling M/S right now, and it's really getting me down. Every morning when I wake up it's at it's worst and sometimes eating helps, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes Zofran helps, sometimes it doesn't. I'm so frustrated and just want it to end. I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow because my anxiety also seems to be pretty sky high when I don't feel good. I've been having mini anxiety/panic attacks since Wed :-(
As excited as I am for this baby to come, I am stuck in the "moment" of not feeling well, and resenting that this baby is making me feel so crappy. Besides the nausea and occasional vomitting, I can't sleep, I'm exhausted, depressed, bloated, uncomfortable, etc. My SO doesn't understand & he just gets mad when he sees me on the couch. Trying not to let him bother me though ...

Oh and the dizziness started too ... but not sure if that's from being tired. I just want to know that one day I'll wake up and not feel sick, be able to eat a decent breakfast and get through my day like I did pre-pregnancy.
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