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October 7th, 2012, 02:03 PM
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Tuesday September 18th, 2012. I went to see my OB for my 37 week appointment. I had a momma's intuition, After all of my problems in this pregnancy, I knew today HAD to be the day.

But lets start from the beginning of my issues. At 27 weeks my cervix had shortened to 2.9, they don't like to see it any less than 3, & i was dilated 1cm, so they went me over to L&D to be monitored where we discovered I was having contractions every 7 minutes. Just like with Carter, I couldn't feel them. I was placed on bed rest for preterm labor and short cervix on July 9th and was to be on bed rest until I was 36 weeks, which was a whopping 8 weeks away (September 10th). With Carter, I was only placed on bed rest for 4 weeks, but my preterm labor was discovered late, since I had it with Carter, they knew to be on the lookout for it. They gave me the Steriod shots for her and the Turbutiline shot to stop my contractions. I visited my doctor for weekly cervix checks and thankfully, nothing had changed, at 32-weeks I was switched over to a "modified" bed rest. My OB told me I can get in the pool, go on short walks, drive CK to preschool, do some light cleaning (I'm keeping that one to myself!), make my own lunches, go to a movie!, But I still needed to have downtime and relax. I also had a growth scan at 32 weeks, & Miss K is weighing in around 4 pounds 10 oz! At my 34-week appointment, All was going great! My cervix hadn't changed and I was still only 1cm. My BP was a little high for me at the beginning of my apt, but by the end it was back down. Only 2 more weeks of bed rest! My 36 week appointment (September 11th) was a tease! I was let off bed rest for preterm labor, but put right back on for high BP. So, I won a free trip to L&D where we discovered I was 3cm & 80% effaced, apparently contracting every 3 minutes. My Bp was 130/100. I was sent home and still on bed rest. I had to go back two days later for a BP recheck & I landed myself in L&D again. BP was high again and I had dilated another cm, so I was up to 4cm. She really didn't want me to deliver until 37 weeks & when my labs came back within normal ranges, I was sent home once again. We ended up going to L&D on the 14th as well, but it was more to make me happy. I tried everything. But I hadn't felt Miss K move in over 3 hours. So about 11pm, dh and I headed in. They found her heartbeat right away, but it took another 30minutes for her to start kicking and moving around. Finding her heartbeat made me feel so much better and I'm glad we went in.

Back to the 18th, 11:00am, went in for my 37-week appointment, my BP was high and I was 5cm with a "big bulging bag" I told Dr Hunt not to pop it in the office or we'd both be running to L&D. I called DH & told him to get his bum in the car, we were having a baby! Once at L&D, i was hooked up to Pitocin, level 2. At 12:40pm, Dr Hunt came and broke my water, I was 6cm. At 1:30, I started having contractions every few minutes, that I could actually feel. I decided to sit on the birthing ball and by 1:45pm I was horribly uncomfortable at 7cm. It was 2:25pm when I rocketed from 8cm to 10. A nurse came in and told Dr Hunt she had another mother at 10cm across the hall, but since I elected to give birth with no pain meds, I got to go first. woo! I was having horrible back labor, I came to find out why when we started, she was coming out face up (like her brother), but forehead first with her cord double wrapped around her neck, which was scary, but she was just fine! I did have to have an episomity, I didn't ask how bad, but I heard her clip those scissors 4-5 times. I pushed for 20 minutes and Little Miss Keira Kennedy made her appearance at 2:50pm weighing in at 7 pounds, 8 ounces & 20" long.

We stayed in the hospital for two days & then headed home to her very excited and proud big brother, who won't let me take photos of the two of them!!!


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