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October 7th, 2012, 03:14 PM
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10/7/12 3rd cycle CD 18-4 TTC Natural#2

Happy 4 months of life to my baby girl Jakaira Destine.

9 days til l could take a regular preg test (the soonest)
11 days til af is expected
I do not have any tests yet and will be asking dh very soon.
Whenever I get a positive preg test result... I will be posting in my journal right away...if not I will be updating this journal next on 11/7 when Jakaira turns 5 months. Any spare time that I get (and I am not sleepy) I am working on baby girl names.....looking for inspirations for now... 2 days til my niece Tamara turns 6 months. That is the first age that I love the most out of the early stages ( i know because of my 4 younger brothers and 4 younger sisters. Cause that is the stage that they would be sitting unassisted.... and they look super cute mom's babies were on the smaller end....maybe that is something that comes with genetics and being mostly breast fed. When I visit Jakaira's ped soon...will be asking if they think we should get her started on solids slowly now or wait til next month...she is able to do sit ups when lay sitting on boppy pillow...she can hold herself up when I have her do tummy time and she can hold her head up and move her head left to right...she almost rolled but didn't for some reason...I will be telling the ped these exact things... the answer will either be yes or no. I think she would do well.....but l am not the kind of mom that wants to rush her baby if the ped does not think she is anyway that is all for now... I will either be updating this journal with my bfp or it will be 11/7....take care and be blessed.

p.s. 10/9 will also be a month since I started this journal.


Oct 9-Niece Tamara is 6 months!!!
Oct 13- A year ago I conceived Jakaira.
Oct 16th-is the soonest that pregnology saids I could take a preg test
Oct 18-next af is due
Oct 20-sometime after this date the July 2013 ddc will be up!!!!!
Oct 24th- a year ago this date I found out that I was expecting with Jakaira

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