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October 7th, 2012, 07:03 PM
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posted on my f/b:

freakin' cellulitis, LEAVE ME ALONE!~ this is at least twice in 6 weeks. hoping to see my primary dr tomorrow because i can't take this pain a whole lot longer. the urgent care dr said i might need a specialist to cut and drain it and pack it if it doesn't get waaay better by like tomorrow or tuesday. ugh - no way, not.gonna.happen.

UPDATE MON: saw my dr and ended up having a minor surgical cut and draining. it hurt like @#$%^&* but it was done and over pretty quickly. then he told me that i get to go see him each morning this week to have the packing removed and the wound cleaned and re-packed. OMG. because of where it is, i get to have gauze wrapped around my head like they do in cheesy medical shows. ugh. hoping tomorrow that i feel way way better. he did culture it btw, so we will see what it is in a few days.
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