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October 7th, 2012, 07:17 PM
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I said I would NEVER use one, but have a few times with my older daughter at a zoo, aquarium and shopping. AND not because she's not well behaved....because she is very well behaved, very sweet, very loving, very well mannered etc etc...but because she likes to walk around and not be strapped in a stroller or in a shopping cart. She actually loves her "monkey" and wants me to put it on her even if we aren't using it....for the most part I dont even hold the leash, usually I'm holding her hand but if for some reason she wants to wander a little further then my waist I hold the leash.

I think its just another tool that we as parents can utilize, some like it - some dont. Some need it - some dont. If a parent uses one, its not because they are bad parents or right away the kid is hyper or misbehaved. We dont use it often but when we do its not because we "need" to but because we want to and she enjoys it. But there are kids/parents that might need it and they are doing what is best for them, their child and their family. Who are we to judge?! One thing I learned after having kids is never say never and dont judge other parents choices esp if their intentions are good.

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