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October 7th, 2012, 08:05 PM
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I am very skeptical. While I am very aware that Americans are not the healthiest bunch, and BP is a byproduct of our poor diet.... I am also very aware that Docs have a way of working the system and often quick draw on high bp.

That being said, I have had pre-e twice and I have supported an eclamptic mom before. It's nothing to mess around with. Having experienced it, I can understand if a doctor is sensitive about it- things can get pretty scary very quickly.

When I switched to midwifery care, things changed for me because they taught me how to change my diet and take care of myself in efforts to avoid any more problems with pre-e. My OB's never did that. They just waited and hoped and put me on bedrest with dread. I felt like a ticking time bomb with my OB's and it seemed so manageable with my midwives.
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