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October 7th, 2012, 08:25 PM
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Well I dont know why everyone is ganging up on me......I didnt say anything rude or offensive. I didnt call the kids dogs I said it looked the same as someone who is walking a dog so people would understand what i was describing!.
Answerdprayer u come across as a complete BULLY and U are very mean to say all that u said ...u are aiming meaness at me for what??? I have no clue...

anyhow ....thats too bad u lost a kid...i hope something like that never happens to anyone...and if this leash does something good for another person ..then thats great to hear...thats what the reason behind my post was to know if anyone would use one or not . I thought that was what forums were for...

but considering the email i just got from another "person" here seems this DDc is out to get me out of here for some reason....
All you have to say is .." leave"