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October 7th, 2012, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Happy Song View Post
I am busy, three kids 4 and under and a a lot of sex.

Today the kids pooped 10 times between them and I was slightly glad I won't have three in diapers. They also screamed all day long, mostly happy shrieking, but still. I am eyeling my two year old to see about potty training him. He is getting glasses next week so first things first.
That sounds pretty busy but joy! so how old is the lil ones?

Originally Posted by Older-Mom View Post
No, the witch showed up right on schedule. I am trying to stay positive though. As long as AF shows up, my chances of conceiving are still good. We knew that we were in for a struggle when we decided to take on this journey. Maybe next month....
Ok Older~mom, sorry about that, but on the other hand CONGRATS to a new cycle!! keep us posted with this cycle. baby dust to you.

afm I am still in the 2ww. 4dpo boring just waiting for a bfp or a new cycle.
Me 24 normal /Dh 25 low motility
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October hoping for a surprise BFP and discussing IUI on Tuesday the 9th
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