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October 8th, 2012, 06:27 AM
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i'm 2 months pp and ready to get my body back. scared out of my mind, quite honestly for the fact that i was trying to do that before and then found out that in the past month i've gained about 4 lbs back and i don't know how. but i'm trying my best to put that behind me, and keep trying. i'm about to go get weighed, so that i can have the most up to date number on the scale at the store i always go to to get weighed. i will update this when i get home and hopefully have a picture up as well to keep track.

the scale said 162 lbs i did a 10 min postnatal bootcamp video workout this morning along with a 30 minute walk. here are my pictures that i had my fiance' take this morning.

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