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October 8th, 2012, 08:41 AM
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well i had the first episode around 15 august, then a smaller one about 10 days ago and now this one that is as terrible as the first time. so i don't know if it never cleared up all the way or is separate episodes. but the dr i saw said it may not even be staph, which is what she is treating for based on symptoms. when i asked 'well what if it isn't'' she said that a specialist would have to get involved next time (please God, no next time) and cut, drain and culture it to figure out what germ it is before they can treat it correctly. if this one drains it can't be cultured because i am already on antibiotics.

less than an hour till i can call MY dr and get an appt -- hopefully for today but based on recent experience i am not expecting that to happen.
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