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October 8th, 2012, 01:15 PM
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So what's up with your 1 year old?
Weight: 26lbs
Length: 31 inches
Head: 19
Walking? yes
Crawling? yes
Climbing? oh yes
Size of clothing? 18m-2T
Size of shoe? 3-4
Size of diaper? 5
How much sleep at night? 11-12hrs - still not STTN though
Favorite food? oatmel
Milk? Breastmilk? Formula? Forumla
Favorite person? Her sister
Waving? Yes, hi and bye
What is he/she saying? kaka, hi, uh oh, yum, go, dada, mama, jaja (grandpa) baba (grandma) um um (bottle) - few other things, I forget
How many naps? How long? 1 nap, usually 2hrs

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