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October 8th, 2012, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by joonzgurl View Post
Urgh, has anyone dealt with re-current yeast infections that don't seem to want to go away? (sorry if this is TMI)

I have only had one before, about 10 years ago. Well 1 month ago I took antibiotics and got one ... talk about uncomfortable! I treated it with 1 day thing, but I was still on the antibiotics and it came back. So then I treated it with a 3 day treatment and it went away.

Fast forward to last week, a month later, and it is back. I treated it with a 3 day treatment and while I do feel a lot better it is not gone.

Do I get another treatment and try again? Go see the dr? Any insight would be appreciate. Thanks ladies.

i dont know the one time i had one i had no idea i had it...i was at my appt wheni was pregnant with one of the girls...and i was getting the strep b test done and she says ohh btw....i was like really?? i never got treated for it cause i had no symptoms LOL

but i would talk to your dr about that...tell her that its happened twice now in a month...see what they have to say

Speaking of dogs and babies, anyone have any specific tips or things they did to introduce your dog to the new baby?
when we brought helena home we had 2 dogs....with the other 2 we didn't get dogs til they were older so it was pretty easy...but we just kept her in her car seat for a bit to let the dogs get used to the baby and the car seat then took her out and let the dogs sniff her and then they really had no interest in her after that LOL....

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