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October 8th, 2012, 02:39 PM
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Sorry for the length of this but here's my birth story if you want to read it! Basically all night Thursday I was up every 30 minutes will really painful contractions, but then Friday during the day they all but quit. Started picking up to every 15-40 minutes by mid evening, but I thought I would be ok to go to bed, and I was hoping that by morning Saturday they'd be close enough to go in. Around 11 I got ready for bed, but I told Jeff that I had a really long contraction. At that point, we should have gotten his oldest daughter, Sarah over here to stay the night. She even asked if she should come over, but we thought we'd be ok. I went to bed and they started getting closer and more intense. Then around 1 the time between dropped again, down to 12 minutes, then then next was 10 minutes later. Then I had one 7 minutes later, then 6 minutes later. That's when I got Jeff up. It was almost 2 am.

We had no one here and no way to wait for my mom to get here at that point. So, I left in the car alone with Jeff on the phone to drive to the hospital. It is about 5 minutes away, so I got in the car, waited for my contraction to stop and left. Next one hit as I was driving back to the ER, which was the only way in at that time of night. I called my mom as I walked in to the ER, at 2:15 am to let her know she needed to get my aunt up and get on the way here. I walked in and told the lady at the desk what was going on and she was going to take me to L&D, but then a car drove up. A man was carrying a woman who was barely breathing, he said she had OD'd on something and she was in bad shape. I told the lady to go help her. I was sitting in a wheelchair having contractions pretty close together. Someone came out from L&D to wheel me back.

I got to the room to be checked. She wanted me to pee in a cup, and I tried to sit down, with the door open, but instead I needed to push. I told her and she said get on the bed. They kept coming, someone checked me, yelled that I was complete and told me to breathe and try not to push. Of course, I didn't have much control over that. They were talking about calling the Dr, and I said that I didn't know if there was time for the Dr to get there. They were trying to call Jeff to let him know what was going on and one nurse was trying to get him to get the kids and come in because she knew he wasn't going to be here otherwise. Next thing I remember was the Dr introducing herself briefly. I was still trying not to push but had to and the pain was excruciating. It was my water, which hadn't broken. The doctor broke it and there was immediate relief and then Hannah came out the next instant. I didn't even really push she just followed the water out.

She was given to me immediately, not cleaned off or anything and I got to hold her for well over an hour, but they didn't have me breastfeed her for quite a while. After that I was moved to my room and that's when Jeff arrived. She was weighed then and we started getting to know her. Not sure what her hair color is at this point. She is doing great. Nursing is a little painful because she's having trouble getting her mouth open enough, but I'm working on that. She is dealing with mucus at times that chokes her. She hasn't allowed me much sleep yet either. At the hospital they can't let you sleep by taking the baby even for a while, so I came home as soon as I could and Jeff's been great about holding her so I can nap when he's not taking care of other things. Thanks for reading!

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