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October 8th, 2012, 06:50 PM
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So what's up with your 1 year old?
Weight: 21#7oz
Head:45 cm
Walking? everywhere
Crawling? Long past this
Climbing? Everywhere
Size of clothing? 12 months most, a few 18 months
Size of shoe? between a 4 and 5 at the moment
Size of diaper? 4
How much sleep at night? sleeps from 8pm to 6am most nights although went to bed at 7 tonight and will probably sleep until I wake her up tomorrow morning
Favorite food? nothing specifically although really likes fruits and veggies
Milk? Breastmilk? Formula? Just switched to milk except one formula bottle before bed yet
Favorite person? mamas girl
Waving? loves to wave
What is he/she saying? just a few things - mama, dada, hi, more, uh-oh
How many naps? How long? 1 nap about 2 hours

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