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October 8th, 2012, 09:07 PM
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Well, that debate has been raging for decades. You'll find many different answers to this one, so it's really a matter of doing some soul searching to figure out what you believe and whether the IUD is opposed to those beliefs or not.

Genetically and biologically speaking? Once the egg and sperm meet, it is an
entirely brand new set of human DNA that has never existed before and will never be repeated. After that point, it's location and size will change. Most who are opposed to abortion consider fertilization/conception the beginning of human life; so anything that disrupts life after conception is considered abortifacient. IUD's and hormonal contraception do work by sometimes preventing conception in the first place (so sperm and egg do not meet), and by stopping or aborting life 7 - 10 days after it has begun by ensuring implantation does not occur. Those who believe life begins at conception usually try to avoid these and plan their families in ways that prevent conception in the first place; not in ways that work after conception.

Many others consider some other point the beginning of life: implantation, 24 weeks when the baby can survive outside the womb, birth.
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