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October 8th, 2012, 10:59 PM
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Chomamma- Thankx ...Yes if we all agreed it would be boring...but why is only one opionion allowed?

Originally Posted by Hazel View Post
Your choice of words is judgemental and negative and insulting. If you say something that can be deemed controversial, you should be prepared to have people disagree with you. I disagree with your stance on harnesses and the implications you make with your statements that it is like walking a dog and that you only see kids with behavior problems using them. And yes, your final statement that even with many children you have managed not to lose any is judgemental and does imply that you are better. Words have power and if anyone chooses unwisely they often have to face the consequences. If the judginess coming across in your post was not your intention then perhaps in future you may want to pay closer attention to HOW you say things. The fact that several of us have taken offense might be a sign to re-evaluate your word choices.

BTW, I don't see anyone trying to make you leave, just trying to get you to realize your post is rubbing people the wrong way. If someone privately messaged you with something harsh, that should not be placed on all of the posters on this board. One person does not equal an entire group.

hazel- No way are my words insulting, judemental, or negative. Comparing a kid leash to a dog leash is what it is. The exact same thing. Saying the kids i see using
them are hyper or misbehaved is true in what i have seen. Nothing wrong with that. Unless you think saying hyper or misbehaved is bad. Well then thats ur
opinion. Not mine. Why are you allowed to have an opinion and not me? Yup if you think becus i have not lost
any kids because my kids are well behaved and walk without leashes then I agree with your opinion. why are you allowed to judge me by saying what u say?
why are you and others allowed to say such negative things to me? I think you and answerdpr should re-evaluate
the way you voice your opinion and the way you attack others.

Oh,,, and in my opinion, your poor choice of words and the way you and a few others attacked me, and no one thinking its wrong, could be compared to
a morbidly obese person who thinks they are not overwieght.