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October 9th, 2012, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by elizabethchallis View Post
I am crossing my fingers were more successful with bfing this time. Ds swallowed a lot of fluid when I was pushing and had his stomach pumped after a day and he was starving in 2 hrs and had to supplement. I couldnt get him latched for a few weeks and pumped every 2-3 hrs to get my milk in. And decided to quit after a month. On top of that I had a forceful letdown and I couldnt get ds to latch in a laid back position. All my lcs said my milk should come faster with the next baby.
2 hours is pretty normal for bf babies. With a forceful letdown it's best to nurse one side at a time, which is called block feeding. A few feedings each side helps with that issue.

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