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October 9th, 2012, 07:41 PM
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So we got over the Christmas Break thing and I think we got over the dress thing (though no check has arrived yet for me to return the dress). Now BM is texting saying that her parents will pay for the kids to fly out this summer and they want to book tickets now. They want the kids to come for at least a month.

Problem is that we can't give them dates yet....and hubby really isn't thinking a whole month is a good idea.

We do a big vacation with my family each year and haven't gotten dates together for that because two of my family members don't know their vacation times yet from work. My step kids want to go with because they see a lot of my relatives from out of state who have kids their ages and we have a great time altogether. They don't want to miss out. SS has been talking about it since we got back last summer.

Also, when we let sd go last summer to stay with her grandparents and booked early we later found out that one of the sports she does every year had mandatory practices during the time she would be gone. So she didn't get to try out last spring for this school years team. She really wants to try out for next years team. Try-outs are in spring and if she makes it she will have some mandatory summer practices. We won't know those dates till try-outs in the spring. So we can't give them dates yet.

Hubby called bm back and told her all of this and he said she sounded kind of pissy about it. He said he is open to the kids going and staying with her parents this summer, but just can't get dates together yet. He said that as soon as we got the vacation dates he would try to e-mail the coach of the team sd wants to try out for and ask if she had an idea about when summer mandatory practices will be. And then they can go from there.

I think I liked it better when bm wasn't living with her parents and never called or tried to be involved. I have a headache from all this

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