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October 9th, 2012, 07:58 PM
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- 5:15am DH's alarm goes off. I'm sometimes awake naturally at this time but I don't get out of bed and usually fall back asleep at some point.
- Wake up sometime in the 7 o'clock hour. Samantha is usually already awake but quietly hanging out in her bed. If she isn't yet up I sneak in a shower.
- Ally usually wakes up a few minutes later and comes out of her room to find us.
- I change Samantha's diaper and give Ally a few minutes to really wake up before I give her the choices for breakfast and start making it.
- Kids eat breakfast while I prepare Ally's lunch for school. Sometimes I squeeze breakfast in for myself.
- Everyone gets dressed, brushes teeth, uses the restroom
- Hang out until it is time to leave to take Ally to school
- Leave to take Ally to school around 8:50am. The school is close so it doesn't take long.
- Samantha and I either go to the grocery, to library story time, or come home depending on the day. If coming straight home this is when I have breakfast.
- Play time with Samantha while I squeeze in some chores in between.
- Lunch time around 11:30am.
- Samantha usually takes her nap around 12:30am. For the hour and a half to two hours she naps I do chores and usually either watch a tv show, have computer time, read, etc. - sometimes this is my time to take a shower.
- Samantha wakes up and normally wants a snack. We play for a while before it is time to go pick up Ally. Sometimes have bath time for Samantha during this time.
- Around 3:30pm or just before we go pick up Ally.
- Sometimes go to the park or the library or just come straight home and play outside if it is nice.
- Prepare dinner and eat
- Homework time for Ally
- Shower time for Ally
- Free play time for Ally (and Samantha) - Ally really likes to watch movies so sometimes she does that.
- Samantha's bed time varies depending on how tired she seems - sometimes as early as 7pm, sometimes as late as 8pm. It is best to get Ally headed to bed around 7:45pm. Before the bed time routine it is clean up time where we all pitch in to clean up all the clutter the girls have made with their toys, art supplies, etc.
Bedtime routine consists of potty\diaper change, brushing teeth, and reading.
DH is usually home around this time and often does the bedtime routine with one of the girls while I do the other - we switch so each girl gets equal daddy time.
- DH then usually eats dinner and we catch up
- Then down time for DH and I where we either watch tv, have computer time, sometimes I prepare grocery lists and cut coupons, read, etc... whatever we feel like doing.
- Lights out usually around 10pm

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