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October 10th, 2012, 08:26 AM
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ahhh...i did CIO to a certain degree....not that raianna or elyse did it cause they slept through the night...but helena did not....but i didnt let her cry and cry....i let her cry for about 5mins would go in there...without picking her up....rub her back talk to her calm her down then leave....eventually she got it LOL....most of the time though when she woke up at night she wasn't even really crying...she was just awake...a little fussy but she sure was a night owl!

awwwe Sam I am sorry!! keep trying to talk to him explain to him that you NEED to have an open and honest conversation about this....his not communicating is only going to make things strained...

just tell him you need to know why he doesn't want to have anymore kids...and that you are not trying to force this on him but you want him to see your side of things just like you want to know more about his side of things...he may feel like hes being forced into it....and you dont want that...

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