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October 10th, 2012, 10:10 AM
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Ugh. Don't you hate responses like that? It would make me want to slap him. My husband likes to take the ignoring approach to things he doesn't want to talk about too. It drives me nuts.

Look on ebay or etsy and see what people are charging for the tutus. Make sure you take into account how much the supplies will cost and adjust accordingly.

I am still on the hunt for a Halloween costume for DD. It makes me frustrated when either her size is sold out or it didn't come in her size in the first place. She needs like a 12-14 and most of the time it seems I have to look at the tween/teen costumes. Then they start getting a little to sexy looking... UGH. I did come across a few last night online that I am going to show her and see what she thinks.

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