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October 10th, 2012, 12:34 PM
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I actually started showing signs of it the weekend I went into labor. I'm glad I was not seen by a doctor and delivered when I did because my birth center was more strict than others and they almost forced me to have an IV during labor. On Friday my blood pressure was 140 over something and I started spilling protein in my urine. I went into labor that Monday morning and my blood pressure was still 140 and I was still spilling protein and passing keytones (sp?). After hours of this and me refusing to eat as much as they wanted they started talking about giving me an IV due to the possible Pre E. I refused it and am glad I did. Had I had a long labor they could have easily overruled me and transferred me to the hospital claiming I had Pre E and my natural child birth dreams would have been down the toilet. To this day I just like to not think about all the things that could have gone wrong with my labor had it taken longer than it did or had I been in a hospital. I would have had a csection for sure.

I will say though, I had a friend in high school die at home from Pre E from her doctor not taking the proper precautions and just taking the baby. She was full term and instead of just delivering her they decided to wait a week. She stroked out at home. I'll never get passed that and it was senseless so it's nothing to mess around with.
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