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October 10th, 2012, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by pickle0313 View Post
I also think that what you guys have requested is reasonable, in waiting to book until you have dates.

An after thought, do her parents have the ability to house the kids for an entire month? I think I would want to make sure they're capable of that before they start booking airfare.

I'm sorry that she's becoming a real headache for you. Hopefully he loses interest as fast as she gained it. Hang in there hun!
I don't think there is really room for them there. 2 bedrooms...3 adults and 3 kids there already and then add in a teen and a pre-teen! They will be on the couch or floor I guess. Our hope is that by them bm moves out. Though unless she gets back with her loser boyfriend I don't know how she could afford living on her own.

If she did move out the kids can stay comfortably with the grandparents and visit with bm when she comes over or goes out with them all. It will be the same deal as last are not to be at bm's home without grandparents and for sure not allowed to sleepover at bm's. The grandparents gave us a bit of an attitude about that last summer...but in the end it became obvious that it was a good thing we said it. Or sd would have been at bm's when her boyfriend got drunk and high and beat her.

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