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October 10th, 2012, 06:15 PM
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My AF has been wacky since April when I recieved the Depo shot but since July she has been showing every 2 weeks down to the hour. This may sound strange but a week ago i woke up from a very vivid dream about being PG (I even woke my fiance up and asked him if it had really happened). It kept bothering me so Friday I bought a few tests. Since then I have had 3 faint but definitly there positive tests with FRER.

I began having symptoms like heartburn, headaches, excessive CM, gassy, cramps, lower back aches, hot flashes to the point I have to put ice on my feet, they feel like they're on fire and my bbs are tender and veiny.

Since I currently have no health insurance I went to the clinic and they did a urine test and it was negative. As of today AF is 2 days late according to my wacky schedule. Am I going crazy and having some kind of phantom pregnancy?
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