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October 11th, 2012, 01:21 PM
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Wow you are in a predictment especially with a one year old! I have a one year old as well. At this point this is really no way to actually tell them that they will understand. I must say I think this women that birth the child (she can't be called mom or mother she doesn't deserve it) should be made to get her tubes tied! Unreal! That just makes me so sad for your step son! Anyways! I think you should just let it go for now there is really nothing you can do with a one year old. You can always have him call you a nick name. To be honest my son talks and babbles alot and very rare does he say mommy. Usually when he wants something. However I agree you should tell him the truth at some point in time. maybe in a year or two when he is talking better and comprehending better. I would just put the truth lightly he does not need to know what she actually said just explain the situation. Good Luck and keep us posted on what you decided and how things are going. You can join us over in the Mom of Toddlers board too!

I have to add one more thing....Thank you soo very much for taking this little boy in as your own. It takes a special person to do what you are doing and admire that in you very much! He probably will end up calling you mom anyways cause you are all he knows as far as that is concern. should tell the truth eventually

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