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October 11th, 2012, 02:03 PM
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So my DS has been driving me ever lovin' bonkers lately. I realize that some of that is because I am pregnant and already hormonal, but he has been intentionally pushing my buttons to say the least. Refusing to eat, refusing nap time when he obviously needs one because no one just goes around screaming bloody murder for nothing, screeching, throwing things. Playing under my feet then leaving his toys there for me to trip over. Head butting. I could be overreacting to things a smidgen but it seems like he is taking this terrible 2's thing a wee bit far.

I need to vent on here because my DH doesn't understand (and why would he when he's never home to deal with it) I just needed to vent because it seems like I am fighting a never ending battle with him and he is pulling ahead on the winning points.
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