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October 12th, 2012, 12:49 AM
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Cannot give anything but anecdotes:
I got pregnant on the ParaGard and was looking to abort. At my pre-procedural consultation, the ultrasound techs and nurse did two ultrasounds--one standard, one trans-vaginal--and a cervical exam and said that the IUD was nowhere near the baby and looked like it would "just slip out." Somewhere, probably an unreliable source, I'd read that removing an IUD during pregnancy could result in miscarriage; figuring I was going to abort anyway, I yanked the **** thing out myself. THIS WAS NOT A SMART IDEA; IT CAN LEAD TO PERFORATION & INFECTION IF YOU'RE NOT CAREFUL! I didn't miscarry, nor did I abort. Baby is due 12-21-12 and seems totally healthy at every appt. & ultrasound I've had.
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