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October 12th, 2012, 12:55 AM
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Hello everyone, I had a uterine rupture during VBAC 3 months ago. I am fine and my baby is fine. I had 4 cm dialation when I went to the hospital with contractions 2 minutes apart. Everyone thought it was going to be a fast and easy birth. I was trying to lay down on my bed when suddenly I felt it ripped apart and my water broke at the same time. It was an undescribable and horrible pain so I started screaming. Nobody believed me for 10-15 minutes and they thought my pain threshold is too low. Midwives brought a pilates ball and made me sit on it as I kept screaming because of pain. Luckily my doctor arrived and realized my uterine is in "tetanic" position ( it contracts but never relaxes) and he understood the rupture. I was rushed to the O.R and had an emergency c- section. He had a hard time getting out my baby because of the hardness of my uterus wasn't a nice experience but thank God nothing happened to me or the baby. We were both fine and I healed faster than my first c- section. I wanted to have VBAC so bad and had been reading and learning about it since my first was very dissappointing. BUT I would do it all over again. So pleaae don't be scared. Try natural! Rupture risk is too low and in my case I blame the sex we had to induce the labor ( I was 39+4 and my doctor told me he won't wait after 40) my labor pains started 2 minutes apart ( not hours apart like books say) anyways, good luck whoever wants to try it...
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