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October 12th, 2012, 11:56 AM
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i guess i should reintroduce myself since i've been a random poster recently...

I'm Lara, DH is Matt we both just turned 40 years young (me just a week ago)...and we have one DD, Savannah, who will be 3 soon.

My story is kind of long...we had a loss prior to Savannah, after seeing a hb, which OB chalked up as most do for first loss as just bad luck (i had just turned 36 at the time)...we then go on to have Savannah, and basically thought the heartbreak of m/c was over for us. We started TTC a sibling for Savannah in Aug '11 and got pregnant immediately...and immediately started having issues - after several weeks and a miraculous hb after we (and OB) had given up hope, we went on to lose that pregnancy anyway (naturally, so no testing done on this loss either).

I had just turned 39 with that 2nd loss and convinced OB to run RPL testing on me even though I only had 2 losses...while she expected to find nothing (because of having successfully carried Savannah) the RPL tests came back identifying 2 blood clotting ssues - hetero for Factor II and elevated anticardiolipins.

I was promptly shipped off to RE, who was unconvinced the RPL issues were the actual cause of my 2 losses (although it can't be ruled out, he was more worried about the blood clotting issues impacting me later in a subsequent pregnancy (2nd/3rd tri)...RE begins monitoring me suspecting that i have a progesterone issue. And after a couple cycles confirms that even though i'm ovulating fine i am not producing sufficient progesterone - so a new treatment plan develops to help try to improve my chances of implantation & 1st tri viability by putting me on Clomid + Ovidrel and then progesterone suppl. + baby aspirin (add in Lovenox once pregnant). We get pregnant immediately on this protocol and suffer another loss - this one thankfully early on...RE tweaks protocol to start prog + baby aspirin earlier & agrees that i can start Lovenox immediately upon + hpt (rather than after 3 properly increasing betas). Despite some good cycles i don't get pregnant and it turns out I suffer from a Clomid side effect of uterine lining i'm switched off Clomid, onto Femara and get pregnant 2nd cycle on that protocol.

With this 5th pregnancy, everything looks pretty good other than a couple early betas that didn't quite double properly (but then caught up and more than doubled)...7wk u/s shows a perfect hb of 172 and RE discharges me giving me a 20% chance of m/c based on my history. I go back to OB and have a perfect 8w5d u/s - with another great hb (182) and i'm told my m/c risk is now reduced to 5%. 2 weeks later i start bleeding lightly but with no other symptoms (cramping, etc) for about 12 hours and then stops completely...OB brings me in for an u/s mostly to reassure me nothing is wrong, but in this u/s we discover baby's hb is gone & growth stopped a few days earlier. I eventually need a D&C at 13wks b/c m/c is not happening naturally as I had hoped...only benefit to the D&C was ability to test the baby, which testing confirmed had Trisomy 21.

So here I am, back TTC again with RE...mostly exhausted of feeling like Groundhog Day with three consecutive losses and trying to still stay hopeful that there's a chance to have another healthy baby. Both RE & OB now marvel that we had Savannah at all (I do too) so we're basically shooting for another miracle like her.

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know all the new faces here - I hope we're all celebrating BFPs soon in DDCs together!

Savannah Stylin!

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