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October 12th, 2012, 12:11 PM
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1. Self feeding? Fingers or spoon and/or fork? Both - we just started giving him a spoon/fork a few days ago and he does really well with it!
2. High chair or table? High chair
3. Favorite meal? He's not real picky but he has a preference to beans and avocados.
4. Had a restaurant meal yet? Where? How does he/she tolerate being in a restaurant? We have been out many times, the steakhouse, OG, dennys ect. He likes being out, being a baby he gets a lot attention and he feeds on that lol. He likes to put on a show! He does get bored fast though and wants to get out of the chair which ends up being kind of a pain but that's just a recent thing!
5. Does she/he own a plate bowl set? No, bowls and plates end up on the floor at this age so he just eats off the highchair and if we're out I have a bunch of sticky mats from chick fil a I put down for him to eat on.

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