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October 12th, 2012, 02:06 PM
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I finally have some time to type this up. Warning it is long.

So on September 2, we had a minor car accident that landed me in l&d for about four hours. I wasn't going to to go in and even refused treatment at the scene. I want to start with this because it started a chain of events. I called then call doctor who happened to be my doctor. He told me he would like me to come in for observation and some blood work. So while I was there my blood pressure was a bit elevated, but it was just chalked up to the stress of the accident. So my blood work came back normal and after being hydrated my contractions slowed down to nothing ( I was having some). I had to go back to the doctor on September 6. I was swelling more and my bp was slightly elevated, so he put me on restricted activity and I could still work at my job (I have an office job).

Well on September 9, I woke feeling kind of bad but I just thought it was because of the weather change here and just being almost nine months pregnant. I went to church and started getting a headache. After church, we went to eat and the headache got worse to the point where I was getting very dizzy and I could not see. I told my hubby that I was feeling bad and we needed to go home. Well I was diagnosed with hypertension about five years ago and have been on meds since. I check my bp at home and it was running in the 130s/80s. Well my bp hasn't been that high since the meds. I took some Tylenol and took a nap. When I woke up, I still felt dizzy, so I took my bp again. And it was still high. I took it every thirty minutes for the rest of the afternoon. I finally decided to call the on call doctor and she was a major jerk. She just told me to double up on my meds and take a Tylenol and call my doctor in the am. So the next morning I called the doctor and I had to wait for him to call me back since he was not in the office until noon. After lunch his nurse called me and asked if my bp was still up. Well at that time the last time I took it had gone down. I hung up the phone and decided to take it. It was high. I called back and they told me to come in. So I did. I had to wait because they had to work me in. Well when I got back to the exam room, it was high. So my doctor decided to check my cervix. I wasn't dilated at all. So he decided to send me to l&d for preclampsia bloodwork and to be observed for a few hours. So I spent four more hours in l&d. My bloodwork and urine came back ok and since my contractions weren't regular they sent me home with bed rest orders and I had to come back the next day to the office for a BPP and NST.

So on September 11, I go in for my NST/BPP and a check up. Bp was still high and I still had a headache, so he told me that we need to start talking about induction for the following week since I was going to be thirty eight weeks then. And that he wanted me to start coming in every other day until i deliver. And he put me on complete bed rest with only shower and restroom prilvedges. I was very upset because I was hoping that I could work until delivery.

So on September 13, I go back in for a bp and cervix check. I was scheduled to see him at 10:15am. I didn't know how it was going to since I was still feeling bad, and still had the headache. I had been having some contrax off and on but nothing regular. So I'm in the exam room, and the nurse checks my bp but then she leaves and says she will be right back. I looked over at my hubby and he says it must be high, they need to deliver you. The nurse comes back with the other nurse. The other checks and then asks if that is what the first nurse got. She said yes. I asked what is it. It was 150 something over 90. So the doctor came and checked my cervix. Oh my he hurt me. He said he was checking head position, I later found out he was sweeping my membranes. So I was a two and fifty percent effaced. He said that my cervix was favorable to induce but he was still hesitant to induce yet. He mentioned that the lungs are more mature after 38 weeks but a baby whose mother has hypertension tends to mature faster due to the stress. He then said that he thinks he wants to go ahead and induce but he wanted to ask the opinion of another doctor in the practice. So he left. I looked back at hubby and said oh wow, wasn't expecting this. Doctor came back and said yeah we are indu cing today. He was afraid that I was going to stroke out if he waited until Monday. My bp may not sound high but it is high when you already are on meds and doubling isn't lowering it.

So we head to the hospital next door. I started making the necessary calls. I got l&d at 10:55am. The nurse who observed me after the wreck was on shift so it was nice to have a familiar face. She took me in the room that my first child was born. I thought that was neat, my first and probably my last. She got me all hooked up to the monitor. She waited awhile to start my iv so I would only have to be stuck once ( blood draw and IV at once). I have a major ad version to needles. I sent hubby out to get some lunch around 11:30 the same time I got my IV. Then around noon the doctor came in. I had just got my pitocin and GBS meds. I hadn't been checked since the office visit. He made a comment about my contrax being good. The nurse told him that I had having them on my own and she had just gave me the pitocin. He was surprised so he decided to check me and the break my water. I was a three and still50 percent effaced. He broke my water and told the nurse that I couldn't get out of bed. Soi labored like that until a bit before three. I had to send hubby out again with my two year old because I didn't want him to see me in pain. I asked the nurse for pain meds ( I tried to hold off but I was really hurting) it had been so long since I have had the pitocin. I had it with my oldest but that has be over thirteen years old. She checked me at about 3:15-3:20pm. I was only a four and 80 percent effaced. I was so upset. She gave me the IV meds and they wore off within ten minutes. So I started Asking for the epi. I have never had an epi before. But this was hurting!!!! So the doctor came in to check me around 3:30. I was an eight and completely effaced. He couldn't believe that I went from a four to an eight in About ten minutes. He kept asking the nurse what time did you check her. Then he asked me if i still wanted the epi. I was like please. The nurses started getting everything ready for baby to be born. They wanted me to empty my bladder, so I was given a bed pan. I had everyone leave the room so I could go. As soon as I sat up, I felt her move down. I was scared to relax that she would be born on the bed pan with no one in the room. My doctor came back in check me. I was still on the bed pan so he had to move it lol. He checked me and I was complete, no epi for me. This was about3:55. Hubby was in the waiting room still. My aunt came in since she was going to be in there but still no hubby. Doctor told me that I would be pushing after the next two contrax. WRONG. He was gowning up and I felt her getting ready to crown. I started panting and hollering for the doctor to hurry and for someone to get my hubby now!!! Hubby came in right when they were setting up the bed. I'm panting blowing like a mad woman. They got everything ready and I told the doctor just tell me when to push. He said ok whenever you are ready. I relaxed and my body took over. Her head was out and the doctor told me to stop pushing. I couldn't because my body was doing its own thing. I couldn't control it. He told me to just do want I needed to. Another "push" and she was completely out. It was 4:07pm. The doctor placed her on my belly and hubby cut the cord. I was able to nurse her within 20-30 minutes of birth. She took right to it and nursed for over twenty minutes on each side. She weighed 7pounds even and looks like her daddy.
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