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October 13th, 2012, 05:58 PM
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I think you should of let her tell your parents on her own time. Telling your mom yourself, to me, was a bad choice. You're sisters, so I know your sister understood why you did it.
But their reactions are sadly, normal. Sometimes it's hard for a parent to understand, and they'll even blame themselves in having done 'something bad' whilst raising their children.
Your parents need time to process this, and your sister needs time to heal.
I think for the time being, let it be.
Everyone needs to gather their feelings, and hopefully are able to think about it. Are your parents religious? Conservative?
I know nothing of their background...but, hopefully they'll set your sister's sexuality aside, and realize that it's their daughter. She's still herself. And with time, they'll be there for her with open arms.
What you have to do, tho, is be there for your sister. She needs you more than ever right now. Hug her, tell her you love her. Tell her she's not different.
I hope I am not harsh.
Also, I'm not always good at being easy on people...I'm blunt and speak honestly.
I hope your sis is able to gain your parent's affection soon.
Please don't take it the wrong way.
We are here for you, and your sister.
Also, the girls in here always give way better advice than me. Just give it time, we're not always in here.

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