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October 13th, 2012, 09:36 PM
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I look around here....but more at Dreaming of a Boy or Girl? Looking for Family Balancing? We can help! Gender Selection Support much more info. i had a successful girl sway, had her nov 21 2011. I am just starting diet, going to sway possibly next month. my ph is at 4.5 at O time even with EWCM which i DONT want. so i will use zyrtec to dry it up as i did last time. i can see why i have 3 boys though....i used preseed, EPO all the boy stuff!!! its funny, everything that boosts fertilty boosts your chance of having a boy.

Oh also thinking of started vitex as i have long cycles and it does sway girl

Terra Mater, Calcium pills are actually very alkaline.....look it up....its the natural calcium like yogurt, milk etc
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