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October 13th, 2012, 10:47 PM
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The nurses I had just didn't seem to care! The main nurse I had with my last birth (my completely natural one) was aweful. I had 1 comfortable position to lay in and she constantly came in my room and randomly readjusted my bed causing serious discomfort and when the overwhelming urge to push came and I told her I had to push she told me to pant like a dog as she walked out of my room.

Honestly, I think the nurses react and respond differently depending on the OB. With my first son even though I had an epi I had told my dr I wanted natural (husband made the epi choice for me. He was slightly panicked.). But, she was known as a fabulous dr who did things naturally and easily, non-rushed. The nurses really followed her lead. The dr with my second was here there and everywhere and barely made it for the delivery even though she was in the hospital. She wasn't as relaxed or compassionate and so neither were any of the nurses.
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