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October 14th, 2012, 01:28 PM
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October 13th, 7:35pm, 9lbs

I really couldn't have asked for a smoother birth. Regular contractions started around 5am on Friday October 12th, and when all my usual tricks to settle them didn't work - I decided to call my midwife. They weren't painful though, just uncomfortable and too regular to ignore (3 minutes apart). It stayed that way all day, all through the night (I did get some spurts of sleep), still going all Saturday morning. My MW checked Ben's position and the little stinker had moved into a posterior position. So that's why things weren't progressing. She did the Diaphragmic Release technique to move him into a better position that would hopefully allow the contractions to be more effective. I also decided to take some castor oil to kick things up a notch. While we waited for that to take effect, I walked around and the little stinker moved posterior again! My MW moved him one more time just as the contractions started really intensifying (thanks to the castor oil!)

So about 2:30pm is when things really picked up, so we're calling that the start of "real" labour. Even then, the contractions were not hard to cope with - they were intense, but didn't last long with nice breaks in between. I got in the pool around 4:30pm, DH made a nice fire in the fireplace to make sure the room would be toasty for baby. Only the very last hour was really painful; I was crying during contractions. Still had nice breaks in between though, so overall it was not that bad. I got out to pee and as I was on my way back to the pool; a contraction hit and my water finally broke. There was some screaming. The pressure was intense and I could feel baby was right there, but I resisted the urge to push because I wanted to get back in the pool first. Next contraction he crowned, next one after that he was born.

I LOVE water birth. I am not swollen and hardly even sore today. Just the after pains whenever Ben nurses, YOUCH!

We had booked a photographer, but couldn't reach her all day. She had given us the wrong cell phone number! By the time she got her messages at home, Ben was about to be born...and it was all over when she got to our house. She felt so bad! She still took some photos for us, and I'm excited to see them.

Another bonus; no internals at all. My MW generally doesn't do them unless I ask anyway, but she wanted to try a new thing: Science & Sensibility The Red/Purple Line: An Alternate Method For Assessing Cervical Dilation Using Visual Cues

So she was watching for my "line." Nice. LOL She claims (and DH witnessed) that it was right at the 10cm mark right before my water broke and I wanted to push.

The kids will be home later today to meet their little brother!
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