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October 14th, 2012, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by 8miraclez
I never got a good line on those cheapie tests. It did detect I was pg with Natalie at 8dpo, but it never got dark.
We weren't even trying and I have become a POAS addict.
I have decided I like the 88c Walmart tests. I've gotten lines on them every time, and of course, I have to keep using the coupon that comes with the Answer tests. I wouldn't want to waste it.

When will you have your first appt?
Haha, heaven forbid you waste that coupon!!! Lol. I don't know if all ICs or other cheapies are this faint, but this batch from is not great. I think they would be fine if you were testing past 15 dpo but let's be honest, no one who buys hpts in bulk waits that long...

I will call my OB tomorrow morning. They are open M-F. And see when they want me to come in - probably asap. I expect them to take betas and then do an u/s when they are high enough (above 1,500 or so if memory serves) to check for a sac and make sure it is in the uterus. Assuming everything is doubling well and all that.

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