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October 14th, 2012, 04:21 PM
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I'm back home now, after our 17 days with Lauriel and her kids. Can't say I'm happy to be home, because I'm really not... I'm so glad that the next time we see each other it's FOREVER.. no more horrible goodbyes at airports, no more 9-12 weeks without seeing each other.

The trip was good, the kids got on for the most part. The only issue we really had, was with Gaby (might as well say she's 6 now) & Eloise (8 1/2)... Both are the eldest child in their little sibset, and both have very strong personalities, and they clashed... A LOT! I think most of it is to do with the fact that Eloise is at the age that she sometimes likes to just sit down and relax, read a book, watch a DVD etc, whereas Gaby is all about playing. I think that got a bit much for Eloise! We know that over time they'll sort themselves out, and we aren't going to push them to be the best of friends. I'm hoping that when we're in our own house (not my house, or her house), things will be on a more even keel for the kids, and there won't be that whole territorial thing going on.

Aidan (5) & Gaby loved each other, Emmy & Eloise adored each other, and Aidan liked being 'big bruva' to Emmy... Whenever we met someone new, Aidan would introduce Emmy & Gaby as his sisters, it was so cute. He called me Step-Mum the WHOLE time, I don't think he once called me Emma I must say - it was weird having a boy child in the house... I'm used to girls!

And then I met the ex. He was friendly enough, but I could tell he was trying to come across as the 'boss', and as a dominant figure. He talks to Lauriel like she's a naughty 12yo, and I didn't like it at all... I think he's very much 'me man, you woman, me the boss'.

We did have a lovely time, and I know I can quite happily live up there, when the time comes to move. I will miss my parents a lot, but when we arrived back here, I realised that they are the only thing that is here for me... and I really can't wait for our big move!

Here's a couple of pics from our trip

our first night together - before Eloise & Gaby started clashing.. lol

at what we think is going to be our wedding venue

EmEm exploring

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