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October 14th, 2012, 06:57 PM
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I went to my OB for an NST on Tuesday, October 9th. My OB wasn't thrilled with the results so he wanted me to go to the hospital to have a BPP done.
I got to the hospital around 11:30 in the morning and after much waiting, I was hooked up to another NST. Baby looked great on the monitors there but they decided to do the BPP anyway. After the BPP, I was told that there was very little fluid around the baby and being that I was already 41 weeks, the safest thing would be to induce me.
At first, I was hesitant because I was not dilated at all at my check four days previous. I decided to go ahead with the induction because I had felt like I was leaking over the previous two weeks and I just wanted my baby delivered safely, even if it was by induction.
I was admitted to the hospital and when the nurse checked me, I was dilated to a 2 which was a huge relief. We discussed using a cervical ripening agent first to see what would happen.
As I sat waiting for the induction to start, I started having painful contractions every 4-5 minutes. It seemed like I waited an eternity when the nurse finally came back in. I told her that I thought I had started into early labor and she checked me and I was at 3.5. We decided to forego the cervical ripening agent and was just given a low dose of pitocin the get my contractions a little stronger.
Progress was slow at first. I felt a lot of back labor so I got onto my hands and knees and baby flipped! Shortly after that I entered into transition and asked for an epidural. About 90 minutes after the epidural I felt a great need to push and was suddenly very hot, thirsty, and I started vomitting. Baby entered the birth canal very quickly and had some scary decels, but then the heart rate came back up.
I could feel the baby crowning and told the nurse I had to push. She checked and told me to wait and try to breathe through the contractions because my doctor was down the hall with another delivery. Baby would not wait so I was delivered by a midwife, med student, and a couple of nurses at 1:32 am, October 10. It took only two contractions to push baby out and they put him immediately on my chest. My husband and I were so excited that we didn't even check to see the gender. We had to flip baby over to find out that we had a third son, Colin Robert!
Momma to 3 boys!

Brady James, Sullivan Thomas, and our newest addition Colin Robert born 10/10/12.
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