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October 14th, 2012, 09:08 PM
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So how long have you been crafting?I was always the child trying to put something together. even if it meant I was in the garage with a hammer and nails or inside splattering paint all over the dining table.

What was the first craft that got you started? (not something momma or teacher made you do) Don't remember. I've just always been if I wanted something and couldn't get it I tried to make it or something similar. That and arts and crafts from day care to Sunday school were always enjoyable.

What do you enjoy doing now? Scrapbooking though I haven't in a while, crotcheting, and sewing. The sewing became work lately but it is becoming enjoyable again.

Got any Pinterest Projects that you want to give a shot? I don't do Pinterest

Do you sell your work, or is it for your own pleasure? Both. Scrapbooking I do only for me. I make my babies and friends babies crotchet blankets but I sell them to my mom for her friends baby showers. She teaches and it seems several people are pregnant every year and for them I use the really nice yarn. I basically give it to her for what it costs me to make. The sewing is currently all made and sold for/through our business. Hopefully, I am going to change that soon. Or have a very pregnant temper tantrum! Not grown up of me but for now I use the hormonal excuse and only rarely pull them on my husband.

Have your kids got the crafting bug? My oldest is about to turn 4 but yes. He likes to paint and sit in my lap to help me work my sewing machine. He has recently discovered my felt scraps and tacky glue so he is in heaven when it is time to "work".

Has your significant other? Absolutely not though on rare occassions he will surprise me. He doesn't actually craft anything but he is very adept at turning my vague ideas into workable reality and bailing me out when I have bitten off more than I can chew. Plus, he does all my math for when I am making a quilt. I'm terrible at math.

Do you have a website where you post your work other than here? I post some stuff to my FB but other than that we have our business website (Busy Body Pets) though it doesn't have any of my sewn things on it yet. It is new and still needs to be updated to show all of our products.
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