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October 15th, 2012, 07:02 AM
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Breakfast is probablly the hardest meal to get on the table in time
for our family. I very very rarely buy anything in a box or frozen
food from the store. I prefer to eat more natural and make things by
scratch. So time savers for the morning are essential.
Here are a couple of fast easy ideas that I do.

Make a large batch of french toast and freeze it. Warm it in a buttered
pan to eat.

Same thing with pancakes. Or make mix and keep it in an airtight bin.
( using a recipe minus eggs of course, just dry ingredients)

Make crepe batter Sunday night and keep it frig for 3 days.
( fast strawberry sauce I heat up Jam )

THe night before put make hummus ( i have very easy recipe if needed )
Make a hummus wrap using pita (arabic bread) roll it. Kids love it
( can also use sour feta cheese )
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